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Does the need for an electric urn on Shabbat bother you? Do you want hot or cold water without any limit? Do you want filtered water, without any unsightly scale?

 Would you like to buy a Minibar for use on Shabbat? Don't rush to buy one before you check out the problems involved with such equipment and some possible solutions. It may be that the device will not supply an answer to all of your demands (for example, there is no way to use it for hot water on Shabbat!). If in spite of this you decide to buy one, it is recommended that you check some important facts, so that your purchase will not be in vain. It is also recommended that you read more details about the Shabbat mechanism for a mehadrin minibar.

 (1) The valves must be mechanical and not electric. Note: In some models, an internal electrical valve is opened in reaction to a pressure change in a mechanical valve. These valves may not be used on Shabbat (the way to test for this is to unplug the minibar – if the valves are electrical, they will not work without a power source).

 (2) In order that the use of cold water will not have a direct effect on the thermostat, the internal tank (not the external bottle of mineral water) must have a volume of at least five liters. This detail should appear in the spec sheet of the equipment or on the manufacturer's or importer's website. In most home units, the tank is much smaller (about two liters). In this case, The Zomet Institute recommends not using a minibar unless a mehadrin minibar Shabbat control has been installed.

 (3) Equipment with a digital display should be avoided. In such a device, any removal of water is liable to immediately change the display. In addition, in most equipment of this type the thermostat is not mechanical but digital. If there is a digital thermostat, the mehadrin mechanism based on continuing an existing state cannot be installed.

 (4) Ask for a "technical level" kashrut certificate from The Zomet Institute. Pressure by the customers will increase the awareness of the suppliers to the problems involved and will help solve them.


Note: The Zomet Institute does not sell minibars. All that we have available is Shabbat control systems for suitable equipment.

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