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Music on Shabbat

In an article in Techumin, volume 26, (on the subject of changing the level of a current) you wrote that one is permitted to increase and decrease the amplification of a hearing aid on Shabbat.
I would like to know if this is also true for a radio with a rotating dial which was left on from before Shabbat or which was turned on by a Shabbat timer – can the sound level be increased and decreased? I am not asking about listening to a radio station, where there would be a problem of benefitting from a Shabbat violation, but to listening to a disc or an MP3 device that is connected to loudspeakers.

From the point of view of halacha, in principle, you are right. From a practical point of view, there are related issues when a setup that has been planned in advance is involved – such as "perhaps a repair will be necessary," avsha milta (making a loud noise), and muktze (objects that should not be handled on Shabbat).
In addition, specifically with respect to music, there are those who feel that the decree prohibiting the use of "musical instruments" on Shabbat refers among other things to music that is played without any human intervention. And this matter is also related to issues of halachic policy and the public image of Shabbat.
In conclusion – what you describe is not permitted on Shabbat.

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